Surge Dance Collective Collaboration

@_WHY is a satirical look at the 21st Century - a world ruled by Instagram Gods, where cosmetic surgery is sold like confectionary and consumerism is so rampant that we ourselves have become commodities. Bombarded with a dichotomy of expectations, four women are torn between sexy yet culinary, savvy yet sweet, constantly pushed towards an unattainable ideal. Kowtowing to the omniscient rainbow they are sucked deeper into an illusory world in order to curate their perfect virtual self. They have one purpose, to get “likes”. But do they like Themselves?

Surge Dance Collective is a female collective of Australian contemporary dance artists. Each dancer graduated with Distinction from the Queensland University of Technology and formed the dance collective to explore their common interest in current social issues. Surge Dance Co. aims to connect and collaborate with artists globally to create, perform and explore innovation in contemporary dance. Each of the team is keen to share their experience and connect with other artists across multiple disciplines, exploring new platforms for contemporary dance.

The Collective debuted their first work 'Enough.' at The Angry Mime in May, going on to perform it in Henny Jurriens Festival (Amsterdam) in 2017.  After completing a three week residency through THE indepenDANCE PROJECT, the collective performed their latest development of the work entitled '@_WHY' at a sold out show in Supercell Contemporary Dance Festival 2018.