Dance film and immersive live dance performance

Within her oceanic home, waves can be calm or quickly turn deadly. She is a mystery: irrational and unpredictable in her decision to be benevolent or malevolent.Through her deathly sensuality, she is dangerous, wild, a powerful feminine force.

M A I D explores the many stereotypes that disperse female power. Inspired by the myth of the mermaid and her mythological counterparts M A I D explores the way in which ancient symbols of women have crossed cultures and time to remain pervasive in our modern society. M A I D reclaims these myths as a symbol of the modern liberated woman and in doing so, challenge the idea that power is synonymous with masculinity.  

M A I D has been developed in two parts - an installation which incorporates sculpture, projection and immersive dance performance and a short film. The live dance performance has been supported by Mad Dance House's Up Close Residency and showing, Open Practice's 'Talking Space' showing and House Conspiracy Residency and showing.

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The short dance film screened in Supercell Festival of Contemporary Dance's Capture Dance on Screen 2019 and Tempo Dance Festival New Zealand 2020. 


The film has been made in collaboration with Trevor Worden (cinamatography), Kyra Lee (production), Jag Popham (sound) as well as assistance and images by Austin Hulme and Chris Fredericks.  

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